PhD students

Former Students

  • Nick Simonsen (2023 PhD, University of Nottingham)
    Title: The interplay between memory and value-based risky choice
  • Yashoda Gopi (2023 PhD, University of Nottingham)
    Title: Mnemonic strategies and name recall
  • Ruo-Chong Zhang (2023 PhD, University of Nottingham)
    Title: Impact of varying cognitive resources on memory recall
  • Layla Akacem (2021 PhD, University of Nottingham; primary supervisor: Ed Wilding)
    Title: The influence of emotion on remembering and forgetting
  • John Ksander (2020 PhD, Brandeis University; primary supervisor: Angela Gutchess)
    Title: Computational accounts for episodic memory in reinforcement learning
  • Christopher Donoff (2019 MSc, University of Alberta; primary supervisor: Anthony Singhal)
    Title: Measuring mental imagery

Active collaborations